Do you want your packages to reach their destination safe and sound in the blink of an eye?

Ensuring safe and secure delivery of one’s packages can be a very mentally taxing experience. The cost of the whole enterprise can also quickly turn into a costly proposition as well if one is not careful enough. This is the primary reason we encourage you to go for our Courier Services. We employ advanced technology that allows use of state-of-the-art package tracking, on-point customer service, and on time delivery. At Seattle Logistic we aim to ensure reliable delivery which causes zero discomfort to our clients.


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Same-Day Delivery

A reputable service by Seattle is our Same-Day delivery offer. When you want an important package delivered.

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Mail Pickup & Drop Off

All of your important documents and letters will be delivered to you safely and securely,


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Route Service

Our Route Service provides you with a courier service that follows a customizable route and an assigned driver.

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Legal Documents and Bank Delivery Service

Seattle Logistic also offers reliable Legal and Bank documentation Delivery services at an affordable rate.

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Laboratory & Medicine Services

For the transportation of medical equipment, medical reports, blood samples, medical supplies,

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Overnight Delivery

Our Overnight Delivery service can help you make the right choice by having your mail and/or packages delivered to the destination


Why Us?

Why Should You Choose Seattle Logistic?

Seattle Logistic understands your requirements to have your packages and/or or documents delivered timely. For this reason we ask you to have faith in us. With services that have earned us scores of satisfied customers, you can finally rest easy! Seattle Logistic have been in the industry of premium courier services for a little over a decade and have delivered more packages than they can even calculate. With our level of experience, you should have no reason not to choose us.

Our service areas cover all of Washington with a five star rating in the courier services community where our customers trust us and expect on-time delivery every time. You can even have your delivery type and time customized to your liking based on the size of your package, the value, and the date at which you want it to be delivered!

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Commitment To Delivery

Seattle Logistic are transporters providing a full range of delivery service even in the sphere of customs clearance transportation around the Washington for any cargo.


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